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Friday, April 4, 2014

Easter Fun. Lazy style.

My little son was asking when I was going to decorate the house for Easter, and then I realized how close we are to Easter Sunday.
I was very unmotivated to boil and color eggs, clean up and get colorful stain all over me. That's when I saw with my decoration, a bag of Creatology Paper Mache Eggs. I bought on sale last year at Michaels (I am sure they currently sell them), and I thought it was an idea worth sharing.
So we grabbed my Infinity permanent metallic markers, and the kids colored the eggs. No mess, doesn't stain their hands and they look very shiny.

I had some blue Crinkle Paper, and made a little nest for the eggs.
I placed the nest with the eggs on top of a small round baking pan, and covered with my most Spring looking paper, and my son placed some bunny and chick stickers.
I had also some other decorations from the dollar store, that make the table pretty colorful.
It made us happy, him for making the Easter decoration, myself for not having to clean up.