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Friday, September 8, 2017

Kawaii Cookies.

Other treasures I brought from Japan were these cute stamps I found at the 100 yen (1 dollar) store. Lucky I also found these animal faces at, if you want to order. Click here for the link. .
The faces are actually tofu stamps, but since I was making cookies at this time, I decided to try.
I found a good recipe of cookies here: All Recipes.
For the shape of the cookies I used my regular cookie cutters I got at the craft store.
The animal faces print very well after you dust in flour.
But the Japanese letters (hiragana) were a real challenge. Because first you have to find the tiny letters in the middle of all of them, then you have to arrange backwards in order to stamp in the correct way.

I ended up writing many cookies upside down, backwards or using the wrong characters.
Here one fail: to write cat is ねこ(neko), but I ended up writing れこ (reko), which does not mean anything. And one more thing, the こ is upside down. <
So for the next one I made an extra effort to write correctly. It was not easy.
Then finally this one took me a long time to get it right. It says うれしい (happy).
So I decided the bear stamps are much easier to work with.
But everyone was happy with the mistakes. Because they got to eat the misspelled cookies before I took pictures, out of the oven.
Hopefully I will be better next time.