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Friday, November 20, 2015

Thanksgiving Turkey.

Thanksgiving Paper Turkey

It is only a matter of time until my kids don't want me to make cute animals for their school party. That is why I am using all the powers (and time) I have to make colorful, cute snack bags for their Thanksgiving celebration.

So I decided to make turkeys to decorate their snack bags, and they can take home to play.
I have a lot of leftover paper from other projects, and I was also very lucky to find bag of googly eyeballs in the middle of my mess.
And to finally use all the paper punches I have been buying at Michaels.
Using circles and hearts from the punches, I could shape my turkeys. That red part on top of the beak, which I learned is called snood, was cut out with scissors. This is how the turkeys were shaped.
The feet were made using two heart shapes. And lots of heats on the tail to give more color. The part representing the tail feathers were cut out twice and attached with a folded piece of scotch tape.
So then it can stand up.
It was a few hours of my day for this work.
But to make a bunch of kids smile, is all the reward I need.