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Friday, March 17, 2017

Sushi Cakes.

A lot of times I wake up with a feeling that my creativity is gone and I won't be able to make anything else. Lately I discovered that I need a big motivator to make something, and this time the motivation came in a form of a bake sale.

The taekwondo school that my children and I attend is organizing a fundraiser for one of the students, who was diagnosed with leukemia. Y.H.Park School and the parents are getting together to help Juliana's family get through this hard moment (if you want to help the link to her Gofundme page is here).
I first thought of making sushis, or Rice Krispies Sushis. But since it is a bake sale, I figured I should bake something. So I decided to try to make little cakes.
This was my first thought.
The big dilemma was the packaging for the sale. I thought of buying a lot of take out sushi and use the containers, but we are trying to avoid using a lot of plastic. So I headed to the dollar store and bought square paper plates to make the boxes. It was a lot of work, but I was happy with the result.
I cut the outside part:
And the inside part:
And put them together.
I baked a big cake and cut the round shapes using a plastic cup I had at home. It was the size of the sushi I wanted.
To make the shrimp, the stuffing for the sushi, the black seaweed and the wasabi, I made something called modeling chocolate, or candy clay. The recipe is here: Cratsy modeling chocolate.
For each piece of cake I placed a few pieces of the modeling chocolate to make the stuffing, covered the cake with frosting and sprinkled coconut flakes on top. Then covered with a black strip around.
To make the rice with the shrimp on top, I decided to use Twinkies, because of the shape. The only problem was that it is too long, so I took a piece out from the middle.
So then I just attached the two pieces with frosting, placed the shrimp with more frosting and covered with the black chocolate.
I was left with a lot of little rolls from the Twinkies, so I used them to make another sushi. I had to cut a little bit of the corners to make it round, placed frosting in the middle and tossed a red sprinkle on top.
I also wanted to make the ginger, but with the chocolate I couldn't get close to the real color. So for that I used fondant, colored with a few drops of red coloring and a tiny bit if yellow.
In the end I could place each piece in the box, attached with a little bit of frosting, to glue them in place.
I wrapped each box with plastic film, placed a piece of cute paper and put a chopstick in each one.
I love to make these projects, but if it is for a good cause, and to share the is even better.