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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Can I face it?

People that are close to me know how computer challenged I am, and blaming age would be the easiest/shortest way to go, like I've been doing for years. So I decided to step out of the shell, and learn computer animation. Of course the start line is level zero, but it would be a crime not to try, since I have a very good teacher accessible for free( believe me, the guy is good). If his patience has no limits, maybe I have a future on it. So after a lot of explanation, texts messages, errors and trials, here is my first animation. It looks primitive, and I don't even know if I should be putting this out to the public eye. But I am proud to say that I am slooooowly mastering these buttons, and hoping that you will see my improvement in the future posts. You can see my video here

Friday, April 20, 2012

Penguim Impossilbe

My sons birthdays are coming, and they are small enough that I still can have one party for both in the same day. The question was the theme for it, so I could start working on my decoration plans. They came out with the idea of Club Penguin and Puffles. I found out after some research, that they are some sort of multi colored penguins that have little pet balls called Puffles. So I scheduled the party in a month from today, but not many days off from work, and I'm trying to keep the decorations a surprise. This gives me a couple of days to prepare everything. Will I be able to accomplish this task? Well, we'll see how much I can do. My first idea was to make little penguins so I could decorate the table. After a trip to Michaels, I choose this clay that hardens after air exposure. Crayola makes it, but I found a cheaper version from Creatology
So first I shaped the body with the colored dough, then made a flat tummy and eyes with the white one, orange for the beek, and tiny round pieces for the eyes. To make the Puffles, I made a round piece, white flat for the eyes, and black dots. For their hair I made tiny rolls and put in the head one by one. And that was all I could do for today, house duties, kids activities and work days ahead. Let's see how much I can complete by the time of the birthday party.