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Friday, February 10, 2017

Japanese Doll.

I became quite curious about this new trend of remaking dolls, erasing their faces and giving them new clothes.
And the other day I came across a used doll in the store for 2 dollars, so I decided to give it a try.
The first person I saw remaking dolls is a lady from Australia, and her company is called Tree Change Dolls. She likes to erase all the make up from the dolls, and give them a more child like appearance. So I follow her instructions to erase the face, wiping baby oil followed by nail polish.

Next I draw the new eyes with a pencil. What I like to draw is more anime style faces, with the big eyes. So that what I went for.

Then I used my acrylic paint to finish the eyes. Since she is my first doll and I am not very good with paintbrushes. one eye was bigger than the other.
After the eyes were dry, I had to decide on her clothes. To follow the style of her eyes, I decided to make a Japanese inspired outfit. I didn't have much of the fabric, so I had to adjust here and there.
The doll comes with those huge boots and she does not have feet. So I used clay to make new feet and sewed new shoes, trying to resemble tabi boots.
I placed her hair up and made little kanzashi flowers for her hair. The only challenge was to make it very small, so I made in the same way but using tweezers.
I found a beautiful ribbon to make her obi, and tied the obijime as best as I could, because it was so small.
After that, I could play with my doll the way I wanted.