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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Tree Treat.

Every year for the school holiday party, I try to send something that will make the kids happy. And this time I saw the cutest idea on facebook that I had to try.
It was a Christmas tree made out of a waffle ice cream cone, using frosting and little sugar decorations.

I decided to cut the cones to make a shorter tree, because I was afraid it could fall during transportation.
Then using the piping bag, I covered the cone with green frosting.
Then I decorated with these nice sugar sprinkles.
It gives a good colorful effect.
And hopefully the kids will have fun with the trees.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Canning 2016

Since my husband became interested in canning, he has been making soups, stews, sauce and fruit to stock and we don't have to cook every day.
So for this Christmas, we decided to make a big batch of fruit preserve to give as gifts.
The advantage of canning is to be able to make a big batch in one day, and it will last in the can for a year.
He tried different recipes, and pears in orange-flavored liqueur and apple juice had the best taste. We also added cranberries, apricots and thin slices of orange peel.

After they are all properly cooked following canning fruit instructions, I made the labels.
They make pretty gifts, and I think they are pretty tasty.
It is fun to gift your friends with something you make. We hope everyone likes.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Totoro baby shoes.

A few of my friends know Totoro , from the movie My Neighbor Totoro. And I know these people love Totoro as much as I do.
My friend Allie, who traveled to Japan several times and makes me so jealous, is having her first baby this winter. Since she is also a fan of Totoro, I decided to make little Totoro baby shoes.
I followed the instructions on this blog called Vida de Artesao (the instructions are in Portuguese but the pictures explain all the steps). Click here for the link with the instructions, and click here to find the pattern.
Then I just followed their pattern, using the colors I wanted. First I made the inside lining.
Then I made the outside, making the Totoro face, hand sewing the details.
After finished I needed a box to mail these little shoes. I wrapped a box with some of my nice paper.
And hopefully she will receive this in the mail soon.
Expecting the first baby is so special.
Having all this excitement around Christmas, is the best gift ever.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Star Wars Snowflakes

Another awesome idea my friend Leslie sent me through Facebook and of course I had to try. They are paper snowflakes in the shape of Star Wars characters.
These templates are made by an incredible artist named Anthony Herrera, and the link for his page is right here.
I got very excited and printed a bunch of images, but I realized it was harder then I imagined. The printing paper becomes too thick to fold, so I had to cut in more steps than it is instructed.
It took me a few hours of 2 days to make these snowflakes, and a lot of patience.
But after my fingers were sore and I couldn't hold my scissors anymore, I completed the ones that I planned at first.
They are very delicate and I hope nobody rips the paper, at least for a couple of more years.
They look so great all together in my Christmas tree, it was all worth the work.
Thank you Anthony Herrera!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Kawaii Coin Purses.

I decided to learn how to make bags, but like any other new project, I had to start small and see how it works. So I started making coin purses.
I made a bunch of them to get more practice, and also to give as gifts for the teachers and keep one for myself.
My little bag so far has been working well and replaced my wallet, I can even fit my cards.
I learned how to make these little bags on online classes at
Hopefully I can make my full size bag soon, to fit my little coin purse.