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Friday, February 9, 2018

Totoro Tree

I was already in love with Totoro since I saw the movie. But once I visited the Ghibli Museum and the Ghibli store in Kyoto, I just can't get enough of Ghibli.
I love this image and I decided to give it a try to make something.
I started with the tree, since it was going to be the most challenging.
After the tree was completed, I started working on Totoro's umbrella.
Totoro I made in clay.
I found a beautiful glass dome to place the tree, but the base was poorly made, so I made my own.
But I still needed to make the grass around the tree. I was out of ideas, then I decided to make a garden.
And finally this morning I completed this project. I am so happy.
Totoro is done. Let's see what is next.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Dr. Who themed gifts.

My little friend Mikey loves Dr. Who, so for Christmas I wanted to make something related to the theme for him.

I was looking for ideas, until I came across the model of the T.A.R.D.I.S. (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) in paper to print. It came from and I am so thankful because it is so easy to make and beautiful. I have a link here: PrintTardis.
I printed in regular paper, but I glued to cardboard to make it sturdier. Then I cut it.
I left the bottom open to put chocolate inside and glued the sides.
To make brighter and shimmery, I used my pearl clear spray and let dry for a few hours.
After dry, I could put a few pieces of candy inside.

But then my son mentioned the Daleks, Dr. Who's enemies.
He found them to print and they are from and the links are here: Dalek1, Dalek2 and Dalek3.
They were a little harder to cut and glue because of the small arms and eye pieces.
But I was able to finish them and spray with the same clear, shimmery spray.
I thought it was cool because he can play with them and use as tree decoration.
Or he can decorate his room.
I hope he likes his gift.