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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Pan, the Greek God of Nature.

So the 6th graders in our community always do something fun in Social Studies called :The Zeus Debates.
When Mrs. Klein teaches the topic about Ancient Greece, she makes this fun way for the kids to research about the Gods and Godesses and have each kid be one of them. We got so lucky my son got Pan, half goat, half human. I have always wanted to make cardborad horns!

And this is how I used the cardboard to make it:
Cut strips and remove one of the sides of paper.

Start attaching the ends with glue to make rings.
Glue gradually smaller rings.
At one point start making a curve.
And making smaller and smaller pieces, curving the shape I needed.
We painted in gold and glued to an old reindeer tiara (antlers removed and painted in black).
The end result made me pretty happy.
Pan also have a musical instrument, we also used cardboard with the same paper rolling technique.
But after having the horn, we needed furry legs. So I cut my old leggings and sewed some yarn.
He also needed hooves, so I made in paper mache.
He had a lot of fun in that costume. And it gave him confidence to deliver his speech.
He got a cool thunder that Zeus made and delivered himself.
Happy Pan, happy mom.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Kitty Cats Condo

This time I worked on a bigger and more time consuming project, working together with my friend to make a cat condo for her 6 cats.

I had a piece in my house that just fit the idea I had in my head. My husband made this furniture/stairs that would be nice for the cats to climb.
So first I let my friend pick the colors she wanted, then we painted together.
After that, since she is an art teacher, she painted her cats faces.

While she painted the faces, I cut and glue the carpet that she picked at Target,
We also went together to JoAnn's fabrics, so she chose some fabrics and I made pillows to make them little beds.

And last I made some stairs for the cats to climb to the third floor apartment.
So now it is finished.
I can't wait to see the cats climbing on their house!

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Frozen Party

I finally had a chance to make a Frozen themed decoration!!
This is for my son's drama club party, after they performed Frozen Jr. this year.

My idea was to have some sort of packaged snack that would be easy to transport, but could be used as a centerpiece.
And I decided to make my favorite character to be on top.

I made Olaf using air dry clay, just because it is lighter and I don't need to bake.

Then I decorated a cardboard tube for Olaf.
For the base I used a clear plastic cover from a cake I bought at the grocery store, placed upside down, decorated with snowflakes and made signs with my Cricut.
I bought Entermman's glazed donut holes and out in small cups and called them "buckets of snow".
This will be easy to transport and should survive in the bag until school is finished for their party.
I hope the piece stays intact until party time and the kids get to enjoy.