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Friday, April 26, 2013

Gravity Falls Birthday Party

For my son's 8th birthday, he asked me for a party inspired on the cartoon Gravity Falls. So the first step was decide about the cake, and I decided to take on the challenge to make their house called the Mystery Shack. First I made the sketch.
A week before I made the totem pole with fondant, as you can see on my last post.
A few days prior I also made the smaller part of the house, using Rice Kryspies Bars.
To make the roof I first made a cardboard "mold", so I using the homemade recipe for Rice Kryspies, I stuffed in the roof mold to shape it.
To make it look like a log house I used UTZ organic pretzels rods. And to cover the roof, I used this great recipe of candy clay, made with chocolate and corn syrup (click on the highlighted word candy clay to find the recipe). The other details were made with fondant and food coloring pens
To make the bigger part of the house, I also made a roof with cardboard, and stuffed with Rice Kryspies to make the shape. Then after dry and firm, the whole thing was covered with the candy clay pieces.
The lower part of the house was made of 2 boxes of chocolate cake (using 4 8X8 baking pans), filled with icing to make a 16X8 2 layer cake. I measured the roof on top and cut the excess on the sides ( the leftover cake was used to make the pig cake pops).
Then using icing, I placed the pretzel rods to cover the sides, and the door was made using the candy clay.
Finally placing the roof on top, the rice kryspies area was also covered with pretzel rods.
The two houses were connected together, and the "grass" was made of coconut dyed in green. Dipper was made of fondant a few day before too.
Using the leftover cake I was able to make Waddles the pig, using Bakerella's cake pop recipes.
The 3 kids we invited for the party had a lot of fun. Maybe next year I will be able to handle more kids.