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Friday, July 24, 2015

Darth Vader DIY (with leftover Legos).

This year we went to a fun event at the library called MinCon , and it was a cosplay, anime inspired event. And my highlight of the event was a group called Empire Saber Guild, a Star Wars fan group who perform lightsaber choreography for charity.
I was so excited to meet them, and learn more about their passion, I had to dress up someone in this house for the event.
I really would like to have my own costume, but for lack of time to buy material, I only had a few items in the house to make a costume for my son. And he wanted to be Darth Vader.
So I combined an old black pajama top (inside out to hide the print in the front), and used pieces of Lego to make his "buttons".
For the belt I used a piece of black faux leather, and more Legos.
To make the shoulders/chest detail, I used more of the fake leather, and pieces of black foam sheet cut and glued to make the shape.
I attached an old black skirt I had to make the cape. To make the mask was a little tricky, and I had to follow the instructions of RPF Craft Your Fandom on this link: RPF Darth Vader Helmet, to cut pieces of foam sheet, and glue with hot glue gun all the different details.
The top of the helmet can be done with a foam hat from craft stores. I used a heating technique that I plan to show in the future.
This helmet finished a little crooked, but he liked anyway.
And we couldn't forget his lighsaber, made out of pool noodles.
It was so great to go to the library and see all the people for the event.
We had a chance to meet the super nice people from Empire Saber Guild,see their cool lightsabers, and watch their great moves. We took pictures with them. And met other cool characters.
I am hoping to be dressed up for the occasion next year. And maybe in my wildest dreams, one day join the Empire Saber Guild.