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Monday, October 20, 2014

The Gravity Falls Mystery Book.

There is one TV show that my kids watch, and me and my husband love is Gravity Falls.
We love all the mysteries, the supernatural, and the corky characters (that resemble us when we were kids) that don't quite fit in with the rest of the kids.
So I suggested my son to be the main character, Dipper, who carries around a book of an unknown author, and it is full of secrets. He loved the idea!
And my mission for this week was to make that book!
I had a box shaped like a book, and it would be perfect to make some pages, and use as a treat box for Halloween

I used a large red cardstock paper to cover the book, like in the cartoon.

For the details I cut up gold paper (the goldest gold paper I could find on Michaels) and glued to the book cover.
Plus, I got so lucky I found this piece that looks like a one eye eyeglass. It was in the jewelry section at Michaels.
And not to forget, a few rips that Dipper's book has on it.
To make the pages, I cut a big, white construction paper to the size of the book. Then to make look "aged", I poured coffee on top and let the paper soak it well.

After a couple of minutes, I placed the wet paper in my toaster oven, and let it bake slightly on "toast" for about 2 minutes. I had to be careful not to burn it, but little parts that got a burn mark looked nice, to make look old.

Then it became wrinkly and old, the way I wanted.

My little son wanted to help, and I let him use a pencil to draw "The Triangle Man, Bill Cypher".

And I used a black and red Sharpies, a few splashes of ink, and copied the pages from everything Gravity Falls I could find on the web.

It was so much fun to write about these creatures, and make the book look real

And of course, Dipper's hat had to be here. I covered and old cap with white and blue felt, for my son's costume.
It will be Gravity Falls Halloween all the way!