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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New chairs, please!

My chairs are so beat up from food spills, cat scratches, art projects remains, that I wanted to replace them.
But "wanting" something does not mean you really "need" them. So just because I don't have a couple of hundred dollars to spare, I left those seats get uglier, year by year.

Until my good friend Kyoko- san gave me a lot of pieces of fabric, and the colors were perfect in my red dining/living room.
So with the help of my never out of energy mother-in-law dona Marlene, we unscrewed the seats, pulled out the old fabric, and stapled the new fabric.

It was a 4 hour job for 2 people, including my trip to Lowes to get more staplers.
Now they look good and new again.

All the chairs don't match because the fabric was not enough. But for someone who wears unmatched socks, different chairs won't bother.

I love them! Arigato Kyoko-san, obrigada dona Marlene.