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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Take a bite of this cup.

I always wanted to make these cute edible teacups. It was the ideal treat to serve my sister, visiting me from out of state.
And I finally found it on
If you go on the link, there is a video that shows how to make. But what was great about it, is that she solved my problem about cutting the sugar cones, without breaking in pieces. Her solution was soaking the cones in water for about 20 seconds.

Then cutting about 2 inches with a serrated knife.

It was soft enough that I could cut the rough edges with scissors.

The base was made from one half of sandwich cookies (without the cream), and half of Reeses Peanut butter cups. They were "glued" together with melted chocolate.

Then the cup was attached to the base with more melted chocolate...

...that was also used to decorate the top of the cone.

Then I cut the handles using mini pretzels, attaching with the melted chocolate.

Right before serving, I placed a dollop of Passion Fruit Mousse (click on the name to go to the recipe).

I thought it was adorable.
And my sister and me had a great time playing tea time.