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Monday, March 31, 2014

Sheep Party, I miss you!

I miss the cute birthday parties I did for my kids when they were smaller, and I found these pictures from the time they agreed with my suggestions.
We were obsessed with Shawn the Sheep, and all I wanted to do is make a sheep birthday party. They said it was a fantastic idea.
I made these decorations using Crayola Model Magic clay. You can play with the kids, and it air dries, so you keep whatever you modeled.

I like using a cake stand, to give the impression of a bigger cake, and to place any decorations you want. I make a round stand using styrofoam, then cover with whatever appropriate paper to the theme. Then using stickers is a easy way to make it more colorful.
The little decorations on the cupcakes I also made with scrapbook paper, and cut with my Hole Puncher that looks like a flower. And a little sicker on the center always make very festive.

The sheep hanging on a mobile are made of white yarn, and the heads with the same clay.

That was their 6th and 3rd birthday party. Still cute, and still could do it together.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The making of Star Wars Party Part III: DIY R2D2s and The Space Refrigerator Thing.

Another activity I planned for the kids was for them to make their own R2D2s.
For the top I used a 4 inch styrofoam ball, and cut in half with my hot styrofoam cutter. I used the same cutter to make the body, cutting a thick piece of styrofoam in a circle. And I also cut a small triangle for that little triangle pedal under R2D2 (don't know the name of that).

For the arms on the side, I cut in foam sheet and a piece of cardboard glued on top.
I used the same white foam sheet to cover the body, and I plan to draw his details for the kids to paint with markers.
Hopefully my plans will work, for the boys to color R2D2 and take as a gift.

We also decided to make a space- like control panel using a big box. And we thought it would be cool to have our humidifier inside, to have smoke and blue light coming out.
I grabbed a bunch of loose Legos and other toys pieces that would resemble a control from a spaceship.

After making sure where they fit, they were removed so the box could be covered in aluminum foil. So then I placed the toy pieces again, some had to be glued. Using my label maker I wrote some words that sounded they belonged to a space control.

And I used some screws and metals to make more realistic, and with a black pen I made some marks for more details.

Our humidifier helped because it makes noise, has a blue light and it blows a very thick smoke (making the background black makes the smoke more visible).

So we will use for the kids to get juice. I think it will be a fun decoration.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The big boy birthday Phase Two: Death Star Pinata, more decorations and games.

Another idea I got from a lot of different sites is a Death Star pinata.
I learned that the best way to get a big round shape is to use a punch balloon, from the dollar store.
Then I made my papier mache using flour and water (1 to 1), and dipping the newspaper to cover the balloon. It is messy so I covered the table with a big plastic, and I covered with about 5 to 6 layers. To dry it took about 2 days.

After popping the balloon, I used a Exacto knife to cut a circle on top.

Then it was just painting everything with gray acrylic paint, and make the square details with silver tissue paper. I did get a tiny bit frustrated that my balloon wasn't completely round. But I guess it will be smashed anyway.

I also need other activities for the boys, and I found this Startrooper bowling on Craft, Interrupted. She has the printables on her site and other very nice ideas.

I decided to use my water bottles, just because they are the right size, and I can recycle.

I used acrylic paint for the "bodies"

To make the belts of the troopers, I used black strips of magazines, just because I can't paint that strait. The printed heads I glued to a piece of foam sheet, cut it to shape, and glued to the caps with hot glue gun.

After dried, I could make a little more details with a black Sharpie

I also saw this model of this plane, which I found out it is called Tie Fighters, and it looked great to decorate.
I used my bigger styrofoam ball, cut smaller pieces of flat styrofoam with the hot cutter, and glued to the sides.Then I placed big smoothie straws to hold the wings. The wings were made in styrofoam sheet and cardborad on both sides, cut in a hexagon.

And here after painted (with acrylic glue), and glued together.

I am way ahead schedule, maybe I can find other cool ideas around.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Project "No more cute birthdays" phase one: invitations and decorations

My son is turning 9, and I was all excited to plan a party with balloons, animals, and colorful decorations. Little I knew he does not want balloons or anything cute. But I wanted to stick to a theme, and he agreed that Star Wars is an acceptable one.
So here I go, research everything about Star Wars, and there's tons of parties and ideas from people all over. That made me more excited.
The party is 30 days away, so first I decided to prepare the invitations. We will invite 6 friends, and I hope I can handle them all. I first drew a picture of R2D2 and painted with acrylic paint and a paintbrush. For his name I used gold paint.

In a separate sheet, I wrote the date, address, and RSVP info, trying to make like in the movie. The letters I used a ultra fine black sharpie, and the background I painted with black make up.
I cut them and glued to the invitations.

For decoration, I made a little Star Trooper in polymer clay, and made the details with a black ultra fine Sharpie.

I wanted to have a table with more pictures of the characters from the movie. Since I have been painting and drawing, I decided now it is time for my hands to get a break and print some images.
I will highlight all the links for the printables.
I found these great tags at One idea was to use to put in the favor bags. These very inexpensive brown bags were from Michaels.
But I got a little disappointed with the lack of color on those prints, probably because I used regular paper. So then I found in my cabinet this transparency film, to be used in projectors. So I gave it a try, and the prints came out very sharp. I cut them out and with glue on the sides, I placed them on top of the paper prints. They looked much better.

The circle prints were a little smaller than my circle punch. So I cut circle black card stock, and glued the image on top. I wanted to bedazzle a little, and I used my silver paint and made some stars using a toothpick. In the end I just taped each one in a lollipop stick.
These prints also didn't come out as nice as I wanted, so I also printed again on transparency film. Then I cut and glued on top, being careful about placing glue only to the sides of the pictures. You can see the comparison of the images with regular paper, and the prints with transparency on top of it.

And all of them finished.

And this set I got from I didn't really know what to do with them, but I saw my box of cards, that I bought a year ago on sale at Michaels, and they were black. Perfect. I cut the cards in half, glued the pictures, and they will be perfect to make labels for the food.

And here is after the printed transparency on top is printed and placed.
I guess if you just print in photo paper for the first time, you'll get this result. Or if you don't want to do double the work, like I did.
I have about 30 days to pull this off, I'll keep posting as I make more decorations. Wish me luck. Now I have to do laundry.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Pirate Doll and Kitty Crew.

For a long time I wanted to make cute princessy dolls that girls can play, but also to show that girls are strong and adventurous.
So it popped in my mind a pirate doll, with beautiful lashes, long red hair in a pirate ship.
It was a long process, that involved a lot of research and learning new techniques, but I am pleased with the final picture.
The first thing I had to make were the eyes, using polymer clay, baking, painting and putting a drop of resin to make it glassy.
Step two were to sculpt face, hands and legs with feet, also in polymer clay.
Then I made the body, arms and legs in fabric, stuffing with cotton and sewing to the clay pieces.

I sewed the clothes in the machine, but attached to the body by hand. Also the boots were hand sewn.
The face was painted with dry pastels, using paintbrushes, and sprayed .

Finally the hair I glued in locks to the head. and the lashes were also attached in the end.

I hand painted the bandana, because I couldn't find a fabric I liked. And the pirate hat I also hand sewed, and painted with a paint brush.

The pirate ship was a pre made bird house I got from Michaels. I painted using acrylic paint, attached some pretty ribbons, and made kitty pirates using polymer clay.

This was a big project, but I am so happy I could finish the way I imagined. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Smart Cookies, because they are healthy.

I was browsing through recipes on you tube yesterday, and I saw these cute videos called Nerdy Nummies. This adorable girl posts these edibles cute ideas, she is very entertaining and I love her recipes (take a look on Nerdy Nummies).
From one of her recipes I used the idea of the glasses in the cookie. But instead of using sugar, I made them out of chocolate (because it is what I had). And through a piping bag, I made glasses, eyes and mouths on top of aluminum foil (also because I am out of parchment paper).

To make the cookies, I also modified the recipe , to make it a little healthier. Not only because I am a healthy freak, but I have a very picky child, who do not eat any vegetables (I tried very hard). So every time I have a chance to sneak a little nutrient here and there, I do it (but it does not guarantee it will pass the taste test).

So what I did is used a chocolate chip cookie recipe, and substituted a few items:
- 1/2 cup oatmeal
- 3/4 cup Quinoa flour
- 1 cup whole wheat flour
- 1 cup coconut butter, room temperature
- 3/4 cup brown sugar
- 1 teaspoon vanilla
- 1 teaspoon baking soda
- 1 teaspoon salt
- 2 eggs
- 1 cup chocolate morsels
Mix butter in electric mixer, add sugar, eggs, vanilla, then all the dry ingredients. Last fold the chocolate morsels by hand. Measure the dough with a tablespoon to drop in the baking sheet, but push the ball with your hand to flatten the dough (so the cookie can be more round and flat to place glasses). Then bake at 375 F for 10 minutes.
After baked and slightly cooled, place the glasses, eyes, and mouth. If the cookies is still warm, the chocolate will melt a little and it will stick to the cookie.

And they did pass the taste test! My very finicky child loves the cookies!