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Sunday, March 23, 2014

The big boy birthday Phase Two: Death Star Pinata, more decorations and games.

Another idea I got from a lot of different sites is a Death Star pinata.
I learned that the best way to get a big round shape is to use a punch balloon, from the dollar store.
Then I made my papier mache using flour and water (1 to 1), and dipping the newspaper to cover the balloon. It is messy so I covered the table with a big plastic, and I covered with about 5 to 6 layers. To dry it took about 2 days.

After popping the balloon, I used a Exacto knife to cut a circle on top.

Then it was just painting everything with gray acrylic paint, and make the square details with silver tissue paper. I did get a tiny bit frustrated that my balloon wasn't completely round. But I guess it will be smashed anyway.

I also need other activities for the boys, and I found this Startrooper bowling on Craft, Interrupted. She has the printables on her site and other very nice ideas.

I decided to use my water bottles, just because they are the right size, and I can recycle.

I used acrylic paint for the "bodies"

To make the belts of the troopers, I used black strips of magazines, just because I can't paint that strait. The printed heads I glued to a piece of foam sheet, cut it to shape, and glued to the caps with hot glue gun.

After dried, I could make a little more details with a black Sharpie

I also saw this model of this plane, which I found out it is called Tie Fighters, and it looked great to decorate.
I used my bigger styrofoam ball, cut smaller pieces of flat styrofoam with the hot cutter, and glued to the sides.Then I placed big smoothie straws to hold the wings. The wings were made in styrofoam sheet and cardborad on both sides, cut in a hexagon.

And here after painted (with acrylic glue), and glued together.

I am way ahead schedule, maybe I can find other cool ideas around.