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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The making of Star Wars Party Part III: DIY R2D2s and The Space Refrigerator Thing.

Another activity I planned for the kids was for them to make their own R2D2s.
For the top I used a 4 inch styrofoam ball, and cut in half with my hot styrofoam cutter. I used the same cutter to make the body, cutting a thick piece of styrofoam in a circle. And I also cut a small triangle for that little triangle pedal under R2D2 (don't know the name of that).

For the arms on the side, I cut in foam sheet and a piece of cardboard glued on top.
I used the same white foam sheet to cover the body, and I plan to draw his details for the kids to paint with markers.
Hopefully my plans will work, for the boys to color R2D2 and take as a gift.

We also decided to make a space- like control panel using a big box. And we thought it would be cool to have our humidifier inside, to have smoke and blue light coming out.
I grabbed a bunch of loose Legos and other toys pieces that would resemble a control from a spaceship.

After making sure where they fit, they were removed so the box could be covered in aluminum foil. So then I placed the toy pieces again, some had to be glued. Using my label maker I wrote some words that sounded they belonged to a space control.

And I used some screws and metals to make more realistic, and with a black pen I made some marks for more details.

Our humidifier helped because it makes noise, has a blue light and it blows a very thick smoke (making the background black makes the smoke more visible).

So we will use for the kids to get juice. I think it will be a fun decoration.