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Friday, March 14, 2014

Pirate Doll and Kitty Crew.

For a long time I wanted to make cute princessy dolls that girls can play, but also to show that girls are strong and adventurous.
So it popped in my mind a pirate doll, with beautiful lashes, long red hair in a pirate ship.
It was a long process, that involved a lot of research and learning new techniques, but I am pleased with the final picture.
The first thing I had to make were the eyes, using polymer clay, baking, painting and putting a drop of resin to make it glassy.
Step two were to sculpt face, hands and legs with feet, also in polymer clay.
Then I made the body, arms and legs in fabric, stuffing with cotton and sewing to the clay pieces.

I sewed the clothes in the machine, but attached to the body by hand. Also the boots were hand sewn.
The face was painted with dry pastels, using paintbrushes, and sprayed .

Finally the hair I glued in locks to the head. and the lashes were also attached in the end.

I hand painted the bandana, because I couldn't find a fabric I liked. And the pirate hat I also hand sewed, and painted with a paint brush.

The pirate ship was a pre made bird house I got from Michaels. I painted using acrylic paint, attached some pretty ribbons, and made kitty pirates using polymer clay.

This was a big project, but I am so happy I could finish the way I imagined. I hope you enjoy the pictures.