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Monday, March 31, 2014

Sheep Party, I miss you!

I miss the cute birthday parties I did for my kids when they were smaller, and I found these pictures from the time they agreed with my suggestions.
We were obsessed with Shawn the Sheep, and all I wanted to do is make a sheep birthday party. They said it was a fantastic idea.
I made these decorations using Crayola Model Magic clay. You can play with the kids, and it air dries, so you keep whatever you modeled.

I like using a cake stand, to give the impression of a bigger cake, and to place any decorations you want. I make a round stand using styrofoam, then cover with whatever appropriate paper to the theme. Then using stickers is a easy way to make it more colorful.
The little decorations on the cupcakes I also made with scrapbook paper, and cut with my Hole Puncher that looks like a flower. And a little sicker on the center always make very festive.

The sheep hanging on a mobile are made of white yarn, and the heads with the same clay.

That was their 6th and 3rd birthday party. Still cute, and still could do it together.