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Monday, July 23, 2012

Old shirt, new shirt

When you just really need a summer top (because it is that hot), but you simply don't want to spend the money, plus there's plenty of T-shirts not in use in the drawers... what's a mother to do? Cut them out into cute, fresh new tops. This is another idea that I saw in a Facebook post, and it works. Just cut the sleeves, a strip in the bottom, and the neckline. Sew the neckline to pass the "string" (that was the cut strip from the bottom), and tie it in the shoulder. I was able to make a few of them in one afternoon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fun food

I love Facebook because I can have people sharing the same interests, no matter where they are. My friend Suemy Toyoshima lives in Brazil, is a super talented paintor, teaches art, and went to vet school with me. She often shows cute craft ideas found on the Internet, and this was one of them. It had double purpose, serving as afternoon craft with the kids, and dinner later on. You simply stick the pasta pieces through the cut up hot dog, and cook according to pasta instructions. We used turkey hot dogs and whole wheat pasta.The strange look made mealtime more fun, and they ate them all

Friday, July 6, 2012

My friend Afua celebrated her birthday yesterday, and since she has been so good for the past 6 months on her Weight Watchers lifestyle, I decided not to sabotage her diet. Looking at fruit arrangements, I saw one that suited very well for the occasion. I was able to make at work in about 15 minutes, using a knife, a melon baller and a heart shaped cookie cutter. It is an easy, healthy cake that won't make you feel guilty.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The ugly, old litter box.

As I decorate my basement for my new craft room, everything looks colorful and pretty, except for the cat litter box. I thought about buying a new one, but if my whole purpose in life is reuse, recycle and save money... why not try to blend it into the rest of the room? So with enamel spray, I covered old paint, paper and drops of wall paint covering that old top. After dry, I used whatever paint I had in my bag, some acrylic paint, some fabric paint and craft paint. Once I chose the theme, more according to the colors I had available, I researched some images on the Internet. And I am no painter, don't know how to maneuver the paintbrush correctly, but did the best I could, mixing color and trying to paint those fishies. They do not look like any of the original pictures, but at least made that litter box a tiny more attractive, at least for me. Can't tell you about my cat.