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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The ugly, old litter box.

As I decorate my basement for my new craft room, everything looks colorful and pretty, except for the cat litter box. I thought about buying a new one, but if my whole purpose in life is reuse, recycle and save money... why not try to blend it into the rest of the room? So with enamel spray, I covered old paint, paper and drops of wall paint covering that old top. After dry, I used whatever paint I had in my bag, some acrylic paint, some fabric paint and craft paint. Once I chose the theme, more according to the colors I had available, I researched some images on the Internet. And I am no painter, don't know how to maneuver the paintbrush correctly, but did the best I could, mixing color and trying to paint those fishies. They do not look like any of the original pictures, but at least made that litter box a tiny more attractive, at least for me. Can't tell you about my cat.