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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Baby!!! (Don't worry, not mine)

My sister-in-law will have a baby and it is a girl!! So happy for her, after years trying, she is finally pregnant! So sad I won't be around, because they live in Brazil, but we are all excited. She planned her baby shower (you do your own baby shower there), and she was looking at different thank you gifts. So me and my husband decided to give her a hand. I drew in paper different babies, then after she chose one, I scanned and colored in Illustrator. Then my husband found this company that sells lip balms for advertisement, wedding favors or anything you want to print. Then we sent the image and they printed in the plastic cover.
Since in Brazil, when you have a baby, every single person you know will visit the baby, we ordered 200 lip balms. And she liked the image so much, that it was used for the baby shower invitations, and also printed them to wrap chocolate, as a baby shower favor. And finally they found a bakery the printed the baby for her, and placed in the cake. A new baby makes everyone happy.