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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Board Game Recycling Style

I needed to send a board game to school, but we don't own any. Since I am too lazy and cheap to go to Target and buy one, I decided to make it, using what I had at home. The first thing was choosing the theme, and I remembered those penguins I made for the boys birthday party.They would serve well as pieces to move on the game. The board needed to be a big piece and easy to carry. So what I did was use a big old birthday bag, cut the sides to open it flat to make the board, and still had handles to carry. So I painted the background, which would be water and ice for the penguins, using whatever paint I had in my supplies. Then I cut squares using different colors of construction paper to make a path. Then I started adding items to make it fun, cutting a shark with paper, a whale, a hot air balloon and an angry bird. To make it more tri dimensional, I put a couple of origami boats, creatures called puffles made before too, with a flag in the middle (those I glued on the bottom of the bag, so it is more secure to transport), and a bridge with popsicle sticks. The dices were prizes they got from a carnival, and to make it more visually appealing, I painted more things related to the theme. The kids were very excited to play. One more mission accomplished.