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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cardboard kitchen appliance, AKA recycled toy.

My son has been walking around the house with a cardboard box, pretending it is an oven.
Santa didn't bring one last time, because I didn't want more plastic toys around the house.
That is why I decided to make his box a little more realistic.
So I collected things we had around the house:
- a cardboard box
- a bakery pie box (with a window)
- pipe cleaners
- 4 bottle caps (I used vitamin bottles)
- an old bag or any paper to cover the cardboard
- 4 old CDs or DVDs

First I attached the the pie box to the bottom of the bigger box to make the oven door. The bottom of the pie box was cut to fit inside the big box.

I placed the top flap of the box down, so I could place the burner knobs.

Next I used the red paper to cover the box.

Then one piper cleaner I used to make a handle.

I taped shorter pieces of piper cleaners to the bottle caps to make the knobs.

Then I poked 4 holes on the front of the box, and placed each one to the the holes. The piper cleaner was twisted in the back, to secure the "knob".

I used 4 old CDs and glued to the top of the box, to make the burners.

We found a cooking pan and some utensils at the Dollar Tree. And we made some paper food to cook in our stove: and egg and a pizza.

Now his cardboard box looks a little happier, and we spent a few hours together in this project (away from the video games).

I placed also a smaller box inside, to make a shelf for the oven. And some stickers to decorate the stove.
I am not sure how long it will last, but hopefully he will be satisfied with this one.