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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tiramisushi? That is so hylarious!

When I first saw this recipe on Sprinkle Bakes, I thought it was such a funny name I had to make it.
It fits perfectly in my current lifestyle: I look Japanese on the outside, but growing up in Brazil made me take more on the Western culture, even though I am trying to learn more about the Japanese tradition here in America.
I am sure all of this seem confusing to you, as it does to me.
Really, here I am last week dressed up in a Festival in Long Island, and I had to repeatedly say: "Sorry, I don't speak Japanese, but I can say it in Portuguese." Embarrassing.
So a mix of a traditional Japanese dish with an Italian dessert seem very appropriate to this occasion.
The recipe from Sprinkle Bake (click here for recipe) is easy to follow, and it does not take a lot of time. I prepared mine in one morning.
And it is fun to serve, using the chocolate sauce she gives in the recipe.

If you have some chopsticks, and some Japanese decoration, it makes so pretty to serve.

Plus, it is the only type of sushi my picky family will eat.

At least I eat the real thing.