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Thursday, August 28, 2014

What is a soft pencil case?

Summer is almost over, and a few days away from the first day of school, I am still trying to find some items.
I managed to buy 6 bottom pocket folders, when the list said "SIDE" pocket folders. And between making labels for folders, notebooks, scissors, crayons, doctors papers, everything times 2... the "soft pencil case" was still missing.
After I Googled soft pencil case, I was relieved to see that SOMETHING I could make.
Back in my basement, I found some pieces of felt, some wiggle eyes, and my sewing material.

So I cut up the basic shapes, cutting to make a sheep and the fence.

Then I attached the shapes to the front of the pencil case.
The technique used for stitching is very well explained, with nice pictures on this blog The Future Girl.
And this is the final product. With an old button and some pom poms I had in the box.

And my son even found an old snowman that I made, with a few pom poms, so he wanted it on the other side.

And I think finally I am ready.