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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Shark Week 2014.

I got so excited that Shark Week on the Discovery Channel is here again!
So we used this opportunity to make another Shark Party!
Especially because we just came back from Toronto, and we went to the incredible Ripley's Aquarium. We saw sharks galore and tunneled into their big tank.
So with them still in my mind,I went to my pile of paper and markers, to make some paper sharks and covered a serving dish to place some chips.
But then the sharks inspired me to make decorations for the muffins.

I thought a few flags would make more colorful for the table.

The watermelon shark was present too, like last year.

But fun stuff for the kids was missing, so the styrofoam plates gave me a good idea.
I cut up a plate with big teeth, painted and used elastic strings to the sides.

Then the plates also gave me another idea, and I cut up two pieces and glued together to make a finn.

They played shark in the pool and out in the grass.

The day was beautiful and we have the whole week to learn about sharks.

And the great sharks will always be in my head.