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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dinosaur Party!

We are already through half our Summer vacation, and we didn't have a proper fun party.
So we decided that this time we should have a Dinosaur Party, and called our friends Kevin and Diane for a fun afternoon.
After a visit to the Dollar Store, we were able to get a couple of toys to use for decoration and the games.
The first game we did was to dig for some bones. I had the Kinetic Sand at home, so I hid the bones inside for them to dig.

During my research though the web, I came across The Great Cretaceous Walk, and they had the footprints and their respective dinosaurs. I wasn't able to print from the computer, so I hand drew and made copies.

I called it "Keep Track of the Tracks", and made this little sign in paper.
Then I had the kids hunting for the footprints, that I drew in chalk.

Another great idea I got from this site called Surviving a Teacher's Salary. She made dinosaur eggs using flour and coffee grinds (click on her site to get the full recipe).
I made little baby dinosaur in clay, then used the recipe to cover them and make the eggs.

Then the guys opened the eggs and discovered the babies.

I decided to use an old board for a past science project to make a "toss the ball game".

I wrapped it with the inside part of leftover wrapping paper.

Then I painted with all available paint I had at home.

The boys loved the game.

For the snacks I found these Dinosaur Shaped Chicken Nuggets. How perfect.
When it was time for the drinks, I froze some of the little dinosaurs we had in the bottom of the cup. The decoration I made using construction paper.

I made sugar cookies, and after they cooled, I used food coloring pens to make these pre historic drawings.

I made little carrot pancakes, and after cooled, I cut them up in the shape of dinosaur paws. A big dessert should be a volcano, so I made this placing layers of ice cream, cookies, whip cream and more ice cream to cover and shape the volcano. Then more whip cream for for snow, and chocolate syrup for lava.

Now that we are all very tired, and full of sugar, I feel the I accomplished my mission: bring another set of good memories for the kids.