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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Make cheap crafts, then eat it.

Having the kids at home for Summer is also a big way... to spend money. So in the days that we don't go to the movies, or to the mall, or any other way that requires using cash, I try to make activities that use what I already have at home.
Today I noticed the amount of eggs I have in the fridge, purchased from the wholesale. So why not do the Easter egg crafts in the Summer too?
I started during my breakfast, boiling about a dozen of eggs for 15 minutes. After cooled in water we dried and set them on the side.

Some of them I used food coloring spray.

Then we decorated the eggs, using food coloring pen, googly eyes, and leftover paper I used in other projects.

I still planned to eat the eggs, so instead of using glue, I used my old, good, sticky rice to glue the eyes and paper details.

Then for the pictures, I made a background and some props, and the kids colored and helped me finish.

After everything finished, we placed them in their scenes, took pictures, and played farm and aliens.

This craft took all day and we made a big mess. But that doesn't bother me, and for tomorrow I have enough egg salad for everyone.