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Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer almost over... still time for camping.

We are in the last week of Summer, and I still attempting to make vacation at home a little less boring (or a little less focused on the computer games).
One of the ideas I had was making a camping fun in our backyard, using mostly what we had at home.
To make it more real, we made this sign with chalk in a little piece of wood leftover from the school art show. I had these branches drying in the yard, that held the sign well.
The bag of old water balloons were hanging on the closet since someone's birthday. So I filled them a third way with water, and the rest with air, to make some "fishies". I made little faces with a Sharpie, to make them float in an old baby pool. Then I tie a rubber band in the end so they could be grabbed with a hook.

The fishing pole was made with some more old tree branches, with a string tied in a hook made from our pipe cleaners(sorry I didn't take a close up picture of that).
For some camping inspired food I made these little camp fires, using pieces of celery on top of a dollop of hummus, and the fire was made out of turkey bacon, that I cut up after baked.

Then I also used the celery to make fishing poles, cutting a very thin piece also to use as a string. In the end I tied a Goldfish Cracker. And that was our quick camping in the yard. We didn't have enough to make the S'mores, but it was a few hours of making believe fun.