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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our Trip to Tatooine.

So it all started last week, when in our trip to Michaels my son saw this book called Star Wars Origami.
Since I have been making folding paper since I was a kid, I thought it would be a good idea, to develop manual skills, concentration and patience. But in the first few minutes, my 9 year old could not finish any project, and he was close to tears. So why not try to be a hero and go to the rescue of your child?
After my second page of instructions, I was the one frustrated and about to cry. But because he was watching me, and I didn't want to show that I give up easily (which I wanted to). And between meals and laundry I tried again, we took turns, took breaks, tried again... and after 6 days a few paper creatures were completed. There are other projects that I have no idea on how to make, and I hope he forgets about them.
And all this work deserves a proper photo shoot, before these paper dolls disappear or get destroyed. My son had the idea of taking pictures in the sand, because it looks like Tatooine. So this morning we grabbed our towels and bathing suits, plus the paper dolls, and went to the beach.
And we played Star Wars!

Finally all that work paid off.