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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Thrifty Halloween, more ideas coming.

Today I worked on some more games for the kids, because nobody wants kids full of sugar and nothing to do. So hopefully this will hold them occupied for a little while.
I got some cardboard for kids projects, and made a game of "Toss the Eyeball". Note: however is anatomy savvy will notice my mistake on the hand, thumb facing the other side. But well, it is all wrong anyway.

These eyeballs are from the Dollar Store, and I cut and painted the skeleton and the floating eyeballs.

I had one more board, and I made a big spider web, and used all type of spiders I had available: plastic, stickers, paper.

For that we will use slingshot stick bugs to hit the targets, that I found on sale at Party City.
Then I remember that I needed to have a juice dispenser, to use the cups I made earlier this week. I decorated it with my Halloween paper, and placed all kinds of little favors I found at Michaels: erasers, plastic rings, stickers.

One idea I saw online was a game of Ring Tossing, and I thought this would be fun for the kids. So then that old witch hat, that my sister forgot 2 years ago, came out handy.
And for the rings, I got some glow-in-the dark necklaces, from the Dollar store. They will be good for trick-or-treat later at night.
The day is approaching, and I still have lots to do. My brain hopefully will still be working on ideas, to make a fun day for the kids.