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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween party?

So with a week approaching Halloween day, my son reminded me that I had promised a Little (little) Party.
And again it is not a option to go out and spend a lot of money in decorations, games, goodies...but I really wanted to make something nice for the kids.
So the option was to recycle as much materials as possible.
The juice boxes were looking pretty tempting. And before discarding, I wrapped them in tissue paper, and cut some cute Halloween paper I had from last year (which I bought on sale at Michaels).
So with them, we can play Toss the ball and hit the monsters (or something like that).
I had an old spice jar, and a jelly jar, that I covered with the same Recollections cardstock paper.
And this is not recycling, but it is a inexpensive, cute idea for snacks. I used my clothespins, drew spiders with a Sharpie, and glued tiny googly eyeballs (also from Michaels).
They will be used to close brown bags, which I plan to fill with popcorn.

And also, on my last trip to Target, I saw the greatest idea on the chips aisle. It is a bag of Cheetos Bone Sahped. So I decided to put them in little snack bags, and made little skeletons using my Sharpie.

They look so cute. And taste so good. So hopefully I will be on schedule, because I have to come up with more ideas.