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Friday, April 12, 2013

Totem Pole for Gravity Falls Birthday

I took on this big project for my special client's 8th birthday: my son decided to ask for a cake inspired on the cartoon Gravity Falls.
Since I have 2 weeks to complete, I decided to start on the details to make it more like the cartoon. I first looked at different pictures online, then made a sketch of the cake.
One detail that looked cool was the totem pole sitting on the side. So today that was what I decided to work on. And after trying to decide on the material, I thought sugar paste would be the easiest material to shape it, and the only thing available in my house. Starting the body of it, I cut a big rectangle, then shapping the sides with a knife and cutting also the details. The tip of the knife was also used to make the ridges of the tree trunk. The wings were made separetly, then attached with toothpicks. I had to use two cups to support them until everything was dry.
Then last, everything was painted with food coloring using a paintbrush. Stage one is finished, now let's see if time and energy will let me complete the project until Caio's birthday.