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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Totoro baby shoes.

A few of my friends know Totoro , from the movie My Neighbor Totoro. And I know these people love Totoro as much as I do.
My friend Allie, who traveled to Japan several times and makes me so jealous, is having her first baby this winter. Since she is also a fan of Totoro, I decided to make little Totoro baby shoes.
I followed the instructions on this blog called Vida de Artesao (the instructions are in Portuguese but the pictures explain all the steps). Click here for the link with the instructions, and click here to find the pattern.
Then I just followed their pattern, using the colors I wanted. First I made the inside lining.
Then I made the outside, making the Totoro face, hand sewing the details.
After finished I needed a box to mail these little shoes. I wrapped a box with some of my nice paper.
And hopefully she will receive this in the mail soon.
Expecting the first baby is so special.
Having all this excitement around Christmas, is the best gift ever.