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Friday, April 20, 2012

Penguim Impossilbe

My sons birthdays are coming, and they are small enough that I still can have one party for both in the same day. The question was the theme for it, so I could start working on my decoration plans. They came out with the idea of Club Penguin and Puffles. I found out after some research, that they are some sort of multi colored penguins that have little pet balls called Puffles. So I scheduled the party in a month from today, but not many days off from work, and I'm trying to keep the decorations a surprise. This gives me a couple of days to prepare everything. Will I be able to accomplish this task? Well, we'll see how much I can do. My first idea was to make little penguins so I could decorate the table. After a trip to Michaels, I choose this clay that hardens after air exposure. Crayola makes it, but I found a cheaper version from Creatology
So first I shaped the body with the colored dough, then made a flat tummy and eyes with the white one, orange for the beek, and tiny round pieces for the eyes. To make the Puffles, I made a round piece, white flat for the eyes, and black dots. For their hair I made tiny rolls and put in the head one by one. And that was all I could do for today, house duties, kids activities and work days ahead. Let's see how much I can complete by the time of the birthday party.