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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sick Day

Seriously, I do my best to keep my family's meals healthy, but sometimes I can't help it. My son had a fever last night, and I didn't send him to school. People say that you shouldn't teach your child to relate food to comfort, or offering them sweets when not feeling well. But the poor thing was so sad, and struggled to do his homework without complaining.So then...of course I made him chocolate cake! And to make a kid smile, what is better than adding some visual effect? A lot of ideas I get from Bakerella, a genius in the kitchen. I followed her directions to make her cake pops in ice cream cone. Before anything, I used some ice cream cones and cut the tops with a serrated knife to make a little smaller.
Then I had half of a cake in the freezer ( I baked a cake on the weekend using two 9 inch pans, eating one and freezing the other), left until room temperature, then crumbled with my fingers. Last I put in a blender half of ripe banana and a quarter cup of milk and mixed until creamy (this makes it a tiny healthier than the original recipe, which uses frosting). After pouring this cream in the crumbled cake, I used my fingers to mix everything well, into a dough. This makes firm enough to roll into balls, like clay, big enough to fit on top of the ice cream cones. After placing the balls on top, they went to the freezer. At the end, I melted some Wilton chocolate melts in the microwave, then dipped the cake ball on it. And on top, I placed one M&M for a little color. Hopefully this will bring him good memories from his childhood.