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Friday, March 16, 2012

School Snacks

I had 1 day that I had off from work, and both kids all day in school. I had about 10 hours and several tasks to complete. So at 6:40 AM I left the house and drove the kids to school, to come back at home and take care of all the dishes and the laundry, that was spreaded all over the place. At 9AM had a dentist appointment, found out there was a cavity and had to come back another day (how can I fit this in my schedule?). From there drove to Home Depot to buy tiles, because my husband is redoing the bathroom. They didn't have them, so I drove to their other store 4 miles away, but stopped in the craft store to see if I got any ideas for special snack for my son's first grade class. I had to send small bags, not heavy for him to carry, semi- homemade and kind of healthy (although super healthy never pleases the audience). But I got no ideas there, so drove to the other Home Depot, found tiles, drove back and stopped at the grocery store. There were bags of big UTZ pretzels on sale (2 for 5), that would be enough for the class of 20, and pretzels sound healthy. But to give a little taste, I thought about dipping them in chocolate, just half of it, so it wouldn't be so bad. I had a bag of Candy Melts from Michaels that was on sale for $1.50. So went home, melted the chocolate in microwave for 2 minutes, dipped half of the pretzels, and put some sugar sprinkles for color. Then refrigerate for about 5 minutes so the chocolate becomes hard. I used sandwich bags (they are cheaper and I bought store brand) and put 3 in each, and tied with ribbon. It took me about 2 hours to complete the task, and I still had time for a quick lunch, workout in the basement, and fold the laundy. All of this before going to a doctor's appointment. I was so proud of myself to be so on point, until I realized that my wallet was missing. So much for over accomplishment. Luckily my wallet was at home. I was almost so proud of myself for doing all of this in one day. And to complete the day, I got a ticket for crossing a red traffic light (I swear it was yellow) on the way to pick up the boys. Well, at least we were all fed and healthy in the end of the day.