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Monday, March 26, 2012

Oscars Party Night

Our friend Dinarte came to watch the Oscars with us, and we wanted also to celebrate his green card. Since he is an actor, and just came back from Hollywood, it would be appropriate to have a little Oscar party on his honor. And he is not just any actor, he is well known in Portugal, finished a movie called Celeste, received an award for best actor in the International Amazon Film Festival in Brazil, directs, and appears in several ads in Portugal. My favorite is this one, and several other movies. So to start with some fun, I painted a star from the walk of fame using a small canvas and acrylic paint. After dried, I wrote his name with a black sharpie, and for some sparkle, glitter glue from the kids box. He loved it.
For super quick snacks I bought ready made phyllo shells, and filled with sauteed onions, mushrooms, hearts of palm and cooked chicken (Short Cuts from Perdue). To make this mixture stay "glued" together, I mixed 1 tbp of cornstarch in cold water, and put it in after everything is cooked. Just cook until it thickens. Then filled the shells and baked by the directions. To stick to the theme, I cut out a small piece of cardboard in the shape of the statue, placed glue on the surface and put golden glitter on top. To stand on top of the shells, I just put a toothpick with tape.
Another appetizer served was toast with hummus and guacamole, with big olives on the side. To decorate, I just cut stars on black foam paper, glued on a skewer and lined the star with silver glitter glue.
For dessert I put different fruit pieces in a skewer, and I was lucky enough to find a star fruit that day. And for extra sweet, a few strawberries dipped in chocolate.
I also wanted to have a red carpet, and found a red plastic tablecloth at the dollar store. Folded it in half so can use for the future, and placed it on the floor. Then we just made some photocopies of the statue, photoshopped his name, cut it out and gave him the award. We were able to take a few fun pictures, and everybody had a good time.