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Sunday, March 25, 2012

From Pumpkins to Angry Birds

Every fall we go to Schmitt's farms and bring home a few pumpkins. It is a nice family trip, and a good place to spend the day. They make beautiful decorations, and very good dishes too. But this past year, I had a better idea for those perfectly shaped starting materials. Since I was seeing Angry Birds everywhere, and Halloween was coming, they seemed to fit very well for the occasion. And it is fun for the whole family. After picking pumpkins with the birds in mind, the rest of work wouldn't be so hard.
First step was to spray paint them, using enamel spray paint. Best way to do it was tying a string in the stem and hanging in the garage, them give a little spin and spray it, as it moved in circles.
After all of them are colored and dried, the eyes were made of plastic from a milk gallon. I cut the shape with scissors and made the eyeballs with a sharpie. And for the beaks, I had some orange plastic plates. Then the eyes and the beak were attached to the pumpkin with a nail
. To make the frame of the slingshot, I used a piece of my tree with a Y shape, put 2 pieces of skinny plumbing pipes on each side, and painted the entire thing so it looked like a single piece. Then for the "elastic" shooting piece, I used colored duct tape from the craft store.
So then I placed them on top of stacks of hay (bought with the pumpkins), and arranged them in my front yard, like in the game The kids were very excited and they were a hit for Halloween