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Friday, March 16, 2012

Thomas Project.

The good thing about posting your hobby on the net, is that people around you can hire your services. It is a good thing because it validates your work, and because you know someone is reading your blog, and likes your creations. My coworker wanted to send a little centerpiece for her nephew's birthday. It had to be small and easy to transport, and he likes Thomas the train. Working with paper is what I am most comfortable, maybe because growing up it was one of the only way to have a new toy. So all we had around was old newspaper, cardboard and old magazines. And because glue was too expensive, we used leftover rice. My cousins and me met every weekend, and we could build anything from newspaper, cardboard and rice. Of course it wasn't strong enough to last more than a few days, not mentioning it got moldy fast in the brazilian heat.
So now that I have Michaels, glue and beautiful paper, it is a dream to make paper projects. So first I needed a picture of Thomas. That is easy with Internet, but not so if the laptop and the desktop are broken. Thanks to my Nook, I found the picture, drew in paper (I put the paper on top of the Nook to draw), and used the printer to make a bigger copy. So you can see how much easier it is if you have a computer and you can actually print the picture. Next is to make 2 more copies: one for the entire shape in the most predominant color ( in this case blue),and for the different pieces to give a better effect. And for the skinny strips, they were cut with a Fiskars straight cutter. I used adhesive foam sheet, easier than glue. The face was made with a sharpie and those little eyes that move from Michaels. To write the number 3 and the birthday boy's name, I first traced with a pencil, then I "wrote" on top with glue using a toothpick. Then last I poured glitter and let it dry. For last details, some balloons stickers to give a more festive look. And for the stick in the back, I used a large straw with 3 barbecue sticks inside. That was my Sunday fun.