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Monday, February 13, 2012

Next Mission: Valentines! Impossible?

I gotta say my foreign background sometimes get on my way. Valentines was coming, and what usually happens in Brazil, is exchange of gifts between people that are dating or the spouses. And that is it! So I had a big surprise when the teacher sent me a note that I needed to send a card for each child. A little more reseach later, I found out it would be nice to send a card for the teacher, and a little chocolate related gift. So between my my 2 kids, it would be 32 children to send cards, then cards and gifts for the first grade teacher, after school teacher, for the preK teacher, assistant teacher, school administrator, and something for the staff of the school. And for close friends too. With only Sunday afternoon to complete the task, not much money to spend, I was under pressure. So I had the materials needed bought on Saturday by my husband. He went to Michaels, and I had to go to work to come back at 10PM. I decided that for the teachers, an apple would be appropriate. So I dipped them in chocolate (used Wilton Candy Melts), microwaving according to the instructions . After cooled, some were decorated with already made sugar flowers, some with sprinkles. And the ones I liked were sprayed food coloring spray (called Duff cake grafitti), then I made hearts with red food coloring using a paintbrush. Then each one was placed in a little plastic box.
For the school staff I needed a bigger amount of treats, but I wanted heart shaped and chocolaty. So I got a package of Pillsbury cookie sugar dough, from the refrigerator section. Since I learned in the past that, this dough becomes too soft in the oven and doesn't hold its shape, I mixed 2/3 cup flour and 1 teaspoon of vanilla and a couple of drops of red food coloring.. Then I could open with a rolling pin, use the heart shaped cookie cutter, and baked according to the directions. After cooled, the side of the cookies were dipped in the leftover melted chocolate, and sprinkled with colorful chocolate sprinkles. I put them in a box and wrapped a few individually for friends .
The cards for the teachers were made with blank cards I bought in bulk on sale after Christmas, and cut hearts, used ribbon, and other leftover material from my craft box. On the outside of the envelope, I drew a stamp with the kids
markers. And finally for the 32 cards for the children, and no more time or energy left... I bought a box of little cards and little stickers for them. Sorry, it was after 8PM and I am no longer productive after this time. I go to bed early. And I guess it looks handmade enough.