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Monday, February 6, 2012

My friend Afua was having a baby girl, and I had to do something special. We've been working for 13 years in the same place, and went through weddings, birthdays, life dramas, house mortgages, and many life changing experiences together. Besides, I have never seen someone getting out of the house at 3:30AM, fully pregnant, to drive to the bus stop to get to work 2 hours later (5 days a week). And having another child at school, meaning homework, lunch bag and more laundry. So she deserved something nice. Since we live in opposite sides of the tri state area, meeting in one of the houses would be impossible.So I decided to make a surprise baby shower at work. But to have it done in record time, for our lunch break, required some help. To make a big centerpiece, I had co-workers rolling around 150 diapers (done on previous days, on our break, hiding from the pregnant lady), then I tied them together to make 5 different circles. I wrapped each one with pink paper, then stacked one on top of the other. I used purple crinkle paper to place on the areas that the diapers still showed, on top of the circles. Then finished with bows, colorful stickers and bright ribbons around.Hopefully you can get an idea from the picture. For easy snacks, I had this little flat pops, made from Nilla Wafers "glued" together with cake frosting. Then used food coloring pencil to draw flowers, babies and hearts. Used lollipop sticks, put a pretty bow and placed in a piece of styrofoam, finished with flower stickers. The chocolate cake pops I made following the instructions from Sounds easy enough? Now everyone can do a baby shower to impress!!