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Monday, February 6, 2012

Show that you care!

Welcome to my blog! I hope here you get inspiration to make a special gift to someone, or get enlighted to make people feel special in a particular day. Today I attempted to make a group of people feel better, after a tough week. But with no extra money to buy a big cake, and just a couple of hours while I had the kids playing with their Legos, I caught myself opening all the kitchen cabinets and digging my craft boxes. I found a box of cake mix and chocolate frosting. So I started making cake. While it was baking, I reached for an empty can of oatmeal,then wrapped with pretty paper and nice ribbon (these items I get at Michaels when they are on sale). Then I cut two big flowers with another colorful paper, two circles in the middle, and a shiny button in the center. For the stem I used a long chopstick, but you can use a straw. After the cake was done and frosted, I put it in the freezer just to get a little hard (not brick hard). This just make it easier to cut into bite size pieces, easy to hold with your fingers. It also make it easier to travel, since I have to carry in a container in the train. I left in the freezer overnight, and took them with me in the morning. When I got to my destination, I put the pieces of chocolate cake, still cold, in the decorated oatmeal can, and put the big flower in the middle. And in the end, I think I succeded. They got a little dessert, and I got lots of smiles. And it took me only a few hours in one day, to show that I care.