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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring parties are the best.

Up to last year, I always did a birthday for my two kids in the same day. Spring birthdays, and they were little and liked the same baby shows. It was easy...
For their fifth and second birthday, I made a cupcake tower using stickers from The Little Einsteins.

I made birthday hats using instructions from Martha Stewart.

To decorate the table, I used a few colorful plastic toys to place food inside (washed well before). I made some treats using ice cream cones that I dipped in chocolate, used some sprinkles for decoration, and used cotton candy (that I bought in a bag) for ice ice cream.

I made cupcakes and used different colors for the frosting, and placed some M&Ms on top.

Made cake pops with bright colors to stand on the table.

All colorful, just like Spring.