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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

School Spring Party!

It is my first time going to my kids class parties. Juice boxes for the kindergarten class, and little bunny graham crackers for the third graders. As I scratched my head to make them more attractive for the parties, I saw some pictures of a panda.
So this is how I decided to decorate the juice boxes.
Using regular white card stock paper, I cut the shape of the body. Then using black velour paper to cut the ears, eyes and arms.
Glue them together and to the juice box.

Then with my Sharpie, I drew the nose and mouth.
I had some Spring stickers, so I gave one sticker for each bear.

A simple idea to make them a little cuter.

For the crackers, I used small 3oz Dixie cups, and placed the cups in a box for transportation.
I cut green paper to make "grass".

Then I decided to make pinwheels to place on each cup (that don't spin).
I used a square piece of paper and cut from the 4 diagonal corners, stopping close to the center.

Then folded 4 alternating corners, overlapping in the center. To attach them, I sewed the center.

Then I glue them in a straw, and glued a pom pom in the middle.

And this is how they will be served.

They took a few hours of my day to complete, but since I have a little time, it is always a chance to make things colorful.