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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Star Wars Party!!

So the day finally came, and all my preparations paid off!

The kids got very excited with the table, and the games were a hit!

First we made R2D2s with my homade kit.
Then we finished the details on the lightsabers.

After that, we had Jedi training (I looked at some youtube videos, and this guy helped a lot).

Then it was time to crash the Death Star Pinata.

They bowled with Darth Vader and the Storm Trooper.

And finally they made explosions with Coke and Mentos.

Back inside to eat, I gave them little chicken sandwiches that are made for breakfast, called Banquet Breakfast Foods. I thought they were the perfect size.
I used one of the toys to serve some chips.

And little franks baked rolled in Pillsbury Crescents.

For drinks we had water and apple juice. The illustration in the cups is not my creation, I copied from an artist called Kyle T. Webster, and I used a silver metallic Sharpie to draw each cup.

Desserts went fast too.
Some Pretzel Rods dipped in chocolate, with a Reese's Pieces with it.

I got this awesome chocolate cupcake recipe here from 50 bakers and Counting.
The creamy frosting I got from All Recipes. It was rich and delicious, worth of me skipping my diet.

It went how I planned, and my son was very grateful for my work. We had a great time.