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Friday, April 18, 2014

Surprise inside cake: attempt number one semi failed.

My friend Diane gave me a picture out of the paper, and I saw a beautiful cake with patterns inside. I then had to look for it in the computer.
My friend Google showed me some results of my research, and I found out it is called Surprise Inside Cake.
I decided to play a little bit, and see what my results would be...
First, I made my own version of cookie cutters, using an aluminum baking pan. I made a bunny, an egg, and a cloud.

Then I made a recipe of white cake (I used this one), placing in two different baking pans (to make a thin cake), and coloring different colors.

After cooled, I used the cutters and cut several pieces of the same pattern (the leftovers I put in a Ziploc bag for future cake pops).

Next I made another cake recipe, and also separated the dough in different containers and colored different colors. First I poured brown and green on the bottom, then placed all my bunny shape cakes in a line, along all the pan, and did the same with the eggs.

Then used the rest of the dough and colored blue to pour on top of this layer. Last I did the line of clouds, and poured the rest of the dough. Baked according to directions and waited impatiently.
After cooled, I forgot which side the bunnies where (important to know when you have to slice the cake). By accident I cut in the right place, so next time I will make a mark to know where are my patterns.
When I sliced it, some of the patterns were perfectly visible, others not. Second lesson of the day, I should have used comercial cookie cutters, that are sharper and preciser.
When I got to the middle, it was undercooked and not edible. I did not poke the middle to see if it was cooked through, afraid it was ruin the design. I should've poked.
So now I have these few slices that are kind of worth a picture.

It didn't turn out the way I wanted, but I will try again. I just don't know when.