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Friday, August 31, 2012

I want a new table.

I found out the reason why the kitchen table I bought was so inexpensive. Not even a year after, the white cover started to peel, the sides started to scratch, and the top also had food stains all over. But it was still solid, usable, so why not repair it? In the first picture I have the white cover already peeled (it was white plastic), and just the raw piece of the table. After that it was painted with regular black spray paint, which dried after a couple of hours.The final touch was to give that high gloss finish, using a product called Pour On. It is a little tricky to apply, because it needs to be spread carefully so it doesn't leave bubbles. Then it takes 3 days to dry, so nobody can touch it until ready. But in the end I got my new table. I like this product because it gives a shiny coat, giving the appearance of glass. Like it?