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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Baby cake, literally.

My boss hired me once to make a cake for a baby shower, so I had to show up with something special. Since I wanted to try something different, I decided to put a baby on top of the cake. The bed was a rectangular shaped cake covered with white butter frosting, to make a mattress. But since I decided to complicate, I had to make another thick cake, so I could sculpt the the head and the body. Once the cake piece was cut up with a sharp knife, in the shape of a head, I covered with fondant and placed on the bed. The body was roughly shaped and placed with the head, with no need to make legs or arms, because everything as to be covered with the blanket. The ears, hands, and feet with toes were made only with fondant. The baby was painted with airbrush, and eyes and mouth painted with a small paintbrush. For the blanket, the fondant was mixed before using food coloring and roughly kneaded. The sides of the bed were made also with fondant, previously rolled out and dried. Once dried, the pieces were cut with a big knife, and the heart shape cut with a cookie cutter. They loved the cake, but unfortunately the mother-to-be had gestational diabetes, so she couldn't eat it. Hopefully she kept the pictures (although this is a low quality picture, done before the digital camera era. And plus the photographer, which would be me, cut a piece of the head in the picture).