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Friday, August 10, 2012

Look at my Sign!

Waiting for someone to come from the airport is nerve wrecking! I never know if the cab driver will find my house, if there is traffic, or if the rain today delayed my cousin's flight. She is the extraordinaire chocolate maker from Divas. She built a successful business in Brazil making fine desserts for weddings, birthdays, gifts, and teaches her art for chocolate lovers. Her amazing blog
Chocolatria gave me inspiration to start my own, and maybe one day I will have as many followers like she does. Well, using an opened cardboard box I wrote the sign and used all the different paint I had available: fabric paint, paper paint, oil and even chalk. To draw the taxi, airplane and the house I looked at different illustrations on the Internet. Then two final holes on top with a piece of leftover ribbon to hang in front of the house. Hopefully they will see it.